10:54 PM

ceritakan 15 perkara yang pelik dan habit diri anda.

1) Loves to sleep (i get tired easily)

2) I hate playboys

3) Likes to annoy people...;p

4) Feels disgusted when guys who says 'i love u' to me even though we've just met (getek bha durg tu!!!)

5) Loves to camwhore..xD

6) Likes to edit pics..

7) Doesn't favor Malay television series

8) Keeps many secrets to herself

9) Fear of failure

10) I do not act like a lady even though I dress like one...mwahahahaha!!!!!

11) I like to punch boys...not on the face la..just playing around...most of my guy-friends are already my victims...mwakakakakaka!!!!!!

12) People say i'm rough..i tend to do things roughly...even the simple things.....my dad is the one who always complains about my roughness..especially when I'm typing...hahhahahaha!!!

13) I am sometimes emo...huhuhu~~

14) Feels awkward wearing pink!! or owning anything that is pink in colour!!! (don't know why...)

15) Likes to be alone..

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