My subjects for this semester..Semester 1..

4:56 PM

This morning, al the TESLians here in IPGM kampus Gaya were given a briefing session together with the lecturers from the English Language department... We were told what subjects that we will be taking.

Here are the subjects for my opsyen:

1. Language Description I
2. Language Development II
3. English Studies I
4. Social Studies I

These four subjects above are the academic components for my opsyen for this Semester. Which means...not only we have to do coursework on them but also to sit for the exam...and attend lectures off course...

5. Basic Maths I (what??!!) =_="
6. Generic skills
7. Learning Support
8. ICT
9. Emotional Intelligence
10. Thinking Skills
11. Sports and Games (GERKO)

These are supportive subjects. For these subjects...I only have to do coursework and attend exam needed...xD

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