Finally!!! I'm here!!!

9:16 PM atmosphere... New people.. And a new bed to sleep Yeah, I am now writing this blog in IPGM Kampus Gaya. Which was formerly known as Maktab Perguruan Gaya and Institut Perguruan Gaya. The new name...IPGM kampus gaya stands for 'Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia kampus Gaya'. But it has not been gazzetted yet and people still refer this institution as Maktab Perguruan Gaya. If u ask a taxi driver to drive u or pick u up from the campus, if u mention 'IPGM Kampus Gaya'...they will not know where that place is...hahahahah~~~ So, we have to mention this place as 'Maktab Perguruan Gaya'. Students here has to call a taxi in order to go to the city. No bus will ever pass by this area...huh~

It has been almost a week that i'm here. This is the 6th day. The 1st 5 days...we had our orientation for the freshies. Tiring... Our schedule was packed. Not much freedom. We listened to speeches regarding to this campus. The seniors even gave us a tour around the campus.

My opsyen is BI(sm)/PJK/PSV. BI(sm) a.k.a TESL is my major while PJK and PSV are my minors. I will have 4 semesters of foundation programme and 4 yrs of Degree programme. Within the 4 yr degree programme, the 2nd and 3rd year I will be doing a twinning programme at University Kebangsaan Malaysia which is located in Selangor. For the 1st yr and 4th year of Degree Programme, I'll just be in Gaya. That's if I pass all my exams and won't get dismissed by the institution, only then i would get the oppurtunity to join the twinning program. Huhu~~ Hmm...another new atmosphere that I will a few years time.

For the time being, i have no assignments...yet. But I know that assignments will come piling soon enough...huhu~ I must be prepared though....kekeke...

P/S: Celcom broadband does not work very well here. It's slowww... So, I'm gonna have a hard time going online. Furthermore...the wifi here in the girl's hostel is not working as well....huh~ suxx..suxx...suxx...

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