A relationship without happiness...MEANINGLESS.

10:42 PM

Lately, many people that I know who are in a relationship doesn't seem to be happy with their partners. There's no need to have a relationship with the person that always make u sad. If you're unhappy now, then what are the possibilities that u guys are going to be happy in the future?? It's better just to give it up.

From my own personal experience, I used to have a relationship with this one particular guy during secondary school. At 1st, we were good. But not long after that, our relationship began to sink. We always had misunderstandings. We fought a lot. What hurts the most was..he cheated on me...multiple times!!! Surprisingly, our relationship lasted for 3 years and a half. Amazing huh? We became a couple when I was 14 and our relationship ended when I was 17. He hurt me a lot and I still didn't wanna let him go. STUPID ME!!!! At last, he cheated again...I got fed up with his 'game'. Sick and tired of it. I have wasted my tears for him. At last I decided to end the meaningless relationship. I just realized that I have wasted my 3 years and a half with him. But I did obtain some benefits though...I discovered breakdancing! But that's just it...others were meaningless. It was a good thing that I still have the strength to study for my SPM. I didn't let the break up pull me down and guess what...I passed my SPM with flying colours! Haha!

So...what I'm trying to say is...it's better to be happily single than being in an unhappy relationship.

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