One bored day...

7:50 PM just letting out my boredom... There's nothing to do. Can't train my breakin. I'm so tried today cuz I went to my former school's pasar ria this morning and went home in the evening.

I haven't eaten dinner.
Stomach growling.
Eyes sleepy.

I was suppose to be at UiTM KK's campus rite now but I'm not coz I rejected the offer to continue my studies there. The funny thing was, it was only yesterday that I rejected the offer when the people from UiTM called me up. I already packed my stuff for UiTM but I have to unpack my stuff. This is because I have received another offer! A better one! I got accepted into Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia at Gaya campus which is at Kota Kinabalu. Yep, I'm off to be a teacher. Another teacher to be added in the family... Yes, my aunt and one of my cousins is currently a teacher. And another two of my cousins are still studying on to becoming a teacher. All from my fraternal side. I've never seen myself as a teacher before. NEVER. I've never even thought of becoming one. Everyone says that becoming a teacher gives u a guaranteed future...especially with the high salary. Heheheheh~~~~

Hm, I just cant wait to continue my assignments...listening to lectures...go to class... I wanna get myself busy!! I feel very bored at home!

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