Last day of work

9:57 PM

I woke up at 6:45am....but i snoozed. It was my last day of work so I decided to arrive late for work...on purpose..(saja mau buang tabiat..haha). I was 8 minutes late from 8 o'clock. Throughout my 6 months of working there, I was never that late. Even though it was only 8 minutes. I always arrive before 8 a.m.

My last day on the job was normal. Nothing interesting really happened. However, I was surely busy today. I checked my story book stocks. Displayed the newly arrived stationery on the rack...there were lots of them! Anyway, that's what we have to do every month. New items arrive, we punched the price of the item on the item and displayed them on the rack. Monthly routine...hehe~

All of my workmates are older than me. I refer to most of them as 'kakak'. I was the youngest worker there. They gave me a lot of advice on relationships. Usually I'd go to them and let out my feelings whenever I have problems. I really appreciate their help. They are like a family to me. I respect them and considered them as my sisters. In case if you are wondering, most of the staff there are females.

Here are some pics that I have taken throughout my days of working there.

In case if you all are wondering, those two little boys are the sons of the shop owner.

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