My bboying/bgirling idols

9:33 PM

Bboy Born
I love him cuz of his style. His b-boying style is 'power in style'. Love it~ He's from Rivers Crew from South Korea. I admire his foundation. He hits the beat with his moves.

Bgirl Ace
I think she's a powerhead who has inverts as her trademark move. That freeze is her main ender that's why she has many variations of it. Her footwork is full of style too. Her powermoves are legitimate. She's the 1st bgirl that I admire. She's from Extreme Crew(formerly known as Obowang Crew) from South Korea.

Bgirl Shie Chan and Narumi
They are the dynamic duo of Qween of Qweenz from Japan! I love the way they move their's like one of a kind. When they battle, they own the floor! They don't just move in one spot...they own the whole floor! Both of them have power and style...blow ups probably. Their moves are ssssiiicckkk and dope! Especially their powermoves...they're fast. Below here is a battling video of them with bgirls from Spain. They are the ones on the left.

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