Crewmates always stick together!!!

10:56 PM

I found out that one of my fellow crewmate has a backbone injury. Due to that, he is not allowed to breakdance anymore. But he is still in the crew. He was a powerhead. Due to his injuries...he cant stay as a powerhead anymore. But there's always an alternative...he decided to go for style! Yay~ at least he is still a bboy and still part of the crew. The rest of the crew members including me are going to continue breakin and some of us are willing to master and take over his moves. Hehe~~ Im willing to do that too. :D We're doing this all for him. Hm, I hope our crew lasts longer. Even if this crew broke up...I'll not let that situation bring me down and quit breakin. I'll go solo if I have to. I'll continue breakin until I am not able to do them anymore. As for now, I'm very grateful to be in this crew.

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