Class reunion!!!

6:30 PM was good to meet my old classmates from primary school. It was like only yesterday that I had finished primary school. Unfortunately, not all of them came. Uhu~~ But it was fun while it lasted. We celebrated our reunion at KK Box, Karamunsing. We sang karaoke, drank some beverages and ate some tidbits. We all grew up together and now...all of us have finished secondary school and are off to college soon.Woohoo~~ So we're not little kids anymore. Hahaxxx~~~ I remembered one of my primary school teachers said that primary school time is the happiest time in our lives. Well, i guess dats true. We were never stressed out about our studies. All we did was play~ Well, most of the time we did. It's different from when we're in secondary school. Stress all over. Ahhh...i miss the good old days...

Pose before heading home!! (sory, its blurry)

Outside of kk box karamunsing

He really loooves singing. He has a great voice. He was known as the annoying singer in the class back in the days. haha~~

having fun!!!!! SING!!!!! lalallalala~~~~

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